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So you're mad about interiors, you've read most of the homes mags in WH Smith and all your friends said 'wow' when they saw what you'd done to your home. But still you're a bit hesitant about putting your own home forward for a feature. If that sounds familiar, read on...

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Is my home special enough to be featured in a magazine?
It's worth popping into your local newsagents and having a flick through some of the magazines, like Ideal Home, Your Home, Style at Home, House Beautiful and Real Homes to get a feel for the type of homes that are featured (but do remember these homes have all been styled and professionally lit so will be looking their best!). Or browse the gallery on our website.
You'll see that some homes are more modest and some are architectural wonders! Some people say to us 'my home's not posh enough!' but don't be put off as we've featured all kinds of homes from Victorian terraces to two bedroom flats and mid century semis. They don't have to be big, expensive or a grand design. The main thing we're looking for is homeowners who've clearly spent time putting together their look and have a good eye for design and finishing touches.

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What if I haven't finished every room?
Not every room has to be photographed. After all, most people have one room that's a bit of a dumping ground or a work in progress. But for a real home shoot we would always need to photograph the kitchen, bathroom, lounge and at least two of the bedrooms.

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What about bathrooms and kitchens?
We also need makeover features so if you've recently replaced your bathroom or kitchen, we'd love to hear from you. In particular we're looking for on-trend styles, quirky tiles, a bit of colour, unusual features - anything that sets it apart from the standard. If you've managed to revamp your kitchen or bathroom for under £10k, even better, as there's a big demand at the budget end of the scale.
Sometimes we also need other rooms, like bedrooms, living rooms, halls and dining rooms - so it's always worth getting in touch.
The essential thing we need is a before picture of your kitchen or bathroom - so if you're planning a project, please take one at the start!

Elaine Avery bathroom before

How do I set the ball rolling then?
The first thing to do is send us a few photos of key rooms (they don't need to be professional by any means!) and we'll take a look. You can either use the 'Rate my Rooms' section on our website to upload pictures, or email If it's got potential, we'll come and have a look and take it from there.

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